An Introduction to CE Marking

European flag and map

CE Marking is a short hand term for a product safety certification system that operates within the European Union and the European Economic Area. This system covers a wide range of product types and industry sectors, from Machinery to Medical Products and from Hot Water Boilers to Children's Toys.

  • The CE Mark itself is a visual indication that a product complies with certain European safety regulations
  • These regulations are known as 'New Approach Directives'’. A full list of these Directives can be found here (
  • If a product falls within the scope of one or more of the New Approach Directives it will need to comply with those regulations and in most cases should carry a CE Mark
  • It is the responsibility of a manufacturer or their representatives within Europe to ensure that a product complies with the relevant regulations and that any CE Mark is valid before it is placed on the Market in Europe
  • Failure to comply with the appropriate regulations could lead to products being removed from the market or taken out of service and ultimately to prosecution by the authorities

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