EMC Directive Consultancy Services

With the introduction of the New EMC Directive in July 2007 Technology International introduced a number of new services in order to assist clients ensure their products and systems fully comply with the New Directive:

1. Technical Construction File (TCF) conversions

This service is for manufacturers who have certified their products to the old EMC Directive using the Technical Construction File (TCF) Route, which will cease to be valid from 20th July 2007

The issues

Under the new EMC Directive all existing TCFs and therefore the claims of conformity they support will become invalid on 20th July 2009. By this date all TCFs must have been replaced by a Technical File prepared in accordance with the new EMC regulations.

The Technology International solution

To prevent manufacturers from having to prepare new compliance documentation from scratch, Technology International has developed a simple and cost effective process for converting an existing TCF into a Technical File. This process can be applied to any TCF of any age and any format. It's quick and straightforward; taking a third of the time that would be required to prepare a Technical File from scratch.

This service is open to any manufacturer, irrespective of whether they are an existing or previous client of Technology International or have never used our services in the past. No matter who you are Technology International can help your organisation update its EMC Compliance Documentation quickly and at minimal expense.

2. Technical File preparation

From 20th July 2007 onwards all manufacturers whose products fall within the scope of the EMC Directive will have to prepare Technical Files to support claims of conformity.

The issues

For manufacturers who have previously used the 'Standards Route' to demonstrate conformity to the old EMC Directive, the need to prepare a Technical File will pose a new challenge. For those who followed the TCF Route and prepared their own documentation, the requirements and contents of a Technical File will be unfamiliar.

The Technology International solution

Technology International has used its fifteen years of experience writing EMC Technical Construction Files on behalf of clients to develop quick and effective methods for preparing Technical Files that meet the requirements of the new Directive. Whether a manufacturer wants to follow the Standards Route or has multiple product models and wishes to minimise test costs, Technology International can prepare a Technical File that meets an individual client’s requirements.