Trading Standards Support Services

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When investigating product safety complaints made by the general public or undertaking surveillance projects, Trading Standards Organisations often require product safety testing to be conducted. Conducting such testing is outside the scope of most Trading Standards Organisations, and the budgets available for third party testing are often limited.

In response to this Technology International has developed product testing services that are specifically to tailored the requirements of, and only available to, UK Trading Standards Organisations.

Technology International services

Testing to the full requirements of an electrical or mechanical safety standard can be complicated, time consuming and costly. The cost of this type of testing is often outside the budget available to Trading Standards Organisations.

Technology International's testing service for Trading Standards reduces the time required to complete sufficient safety testing and therefore the overall cost of the work. It comprises a streamlined, three-stage process:

Stage 1 - inspection

Conducted by a qualified test engineer in order to determine the relevant product safety standard to be applied and to select the correct safety test criteria.

Stage 2 - screen testing

Testing to the previously selected criteria. Typically screen tests will check electrical & mechanical construction, labelling & Instructions, the power-supply cord & plug, access to hazardous parts, earth bonding & insulation, temperature rise, and mechanical strength.

Stage 3 - reporting

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An official test report is prepared and usually despatched within 24 hours of completion of the tests. The reports are formatted such that if necessary they can be used, with witness statements, to support a prosecution.

By applying limited criteria when testing, Technology International reduces the time required to produce results that are sufficient to allow Trading Standards officers to decide whether or not to take further action against any parties involved. This in turn reduces the cost of the work, whilst at the same time speeding up the turn around time for testing.

Costs for testing using Technology International's Trading Standards service commonly range between £250 and £500 per sample to be tested, depending on its size and complexity. When supporting surveillance operations, where multiple units require testing, per sample volume discounts are often offered.

Reliability and ongoing support

With the support of Technology International, a number of Trading Standards Organisations have succeeded in removing unsafe products from the open market. In a number of cases prosecutions have been brought against the manufacturers, importers or retailers of these products.

In addition to providing testing services Technology International will also provide formal witness statements in order to support any legal action taken by a Trading Standards Organisation. Technology International engineers can also act as expert witnesses if required.

Note: These services are only available to Trading Standards Organisations based in the United Kingdom.