General Electric Water & Power

The opportunity to provide services for a leading international manufacturer and distributor of tobacco related products presented a positive challenge for Technology International. With the client having had no experience of either the European Machinery, EMC Directives, or CE Marking, Technology International needed to provide absolute clarity and support throughout the process, and beyond.

Technology International worked extensively with GE Water & Power for over a decade in both the US & the UK, and this project allowed us to showcase our ability to adapt and look beyond the foreseeable future.

Charles Green, Technology International MD & CEO

Evaluating CE compliance of General Electric Water & Power’s water treatment systems

General Electric Water & Power provide their industrial customers with water purification services. These systems operate as mobile units that are installed in containers which can be loaded onto trucks for transport and installed temporarily at customers facilities. GE also offer permanent solutions which they build, own and operate as fixed water treatment sites; these larger units are operated on behalf of industrial customers and provide similar water treatment services to the mobile systems.

These crucial units provide businesses with much needed water purifying services coming from industrial processes, including food production & power generation, and their on-going compliance with CE Marking in Europe is fundamental to their continual use. Both the mobile units, and large permanent solutions need the correct CE Marking in order to operate.

Technology International’s depth of understanding of CE Marking meant we were an easy choice for GE when looking for a partner to carry out Mechanical & Electrical Safety Evaluations and EMC testing for multiple Mobile Water Treatment Systems. These were completed at GE W&P facilities in Peterborough (UK), whereas inspections for GE’s fixed water treatment sites occurred across the UK and throughout Europe and were assessed against the requirements of the Machinery Directive and as EMC Fixed Installations.

Further to testing, Technology International were able to aid GE with the compilation of Technical Files which offer evidence of regulatory compliance and are a required feature of the Machinery Directive and the EMC Directive. In true Technology International style, the Technical Files were future-proofed to allow further variants of existing systems developed by GE W&P to be added without the need for full testing. This added value offered by Technology International can be invaluable to companies looking for a time and cost-effective partner for their product development.

With many of the site’s that we visited, the age of many of the systems meant that they were considered non-compliant and as such Technology International worked with General Electric to identify non-compliances and determine suitable rectification work to be carried out. Once sites were upgraded, Technology International completed re-evaluations to confirm that compliance had been achieved.

The project continued to illustrate Technology International’s ability to adapt and look beyond the near future. The relationship with General Electric Water & Power spanned over 10 years and saw us move from supplier to trusted and reliable partner across their UK and wider European operations, and this project allowed us to showcase our ability to adapt and look beyond the foreseeable future.