EMC Directive & Testing

Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMCD) – 2014/30/EU

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive – or EMCD for short – is one of the longest standing Directives to come out of the EU having originated in 1991. Initially re-cast in 2007 its most recent re-casting came into force in 2016 and aims to ensure that all electrical and electronic equipment does not generate, or is not affected by, electromagnetic disturbance.

The EMCD looks at all electronic machines and equipment regardless of size. As a consequence this means large machines and industrial developments, such as power stations and oil refineries, fall under the EMC Directive as ‘Fixed Installations’ and, must adhere to this Directive.

How Technology International can help

At Technology International, we understand that compliance with the EMC Directive – as with any Directive – is time-consuming and can be financially draining. We can advise your business on applicable EMC Standards, appropriate routes to demonstrating conformity and expected performance requirements.

Technology International can perform industry leading testing against European EMC Standards, this can be completed in-situ at your company location or at a network of partner facilities. We have been assisting our clients compile technical documentation (Technical Files) for over 20 years, and we can ensure that you have the required evidence of conformity with the EMC Directive for the relevant authorities.

The services offered by the Technology International Group include:

  • Product Compliance Reviews to ensure that a product meets all essential requirements prior to testing or assessment
  • EMC Testing, including identifying test requirements, preparing test plans and arranging or undertaking cost effective testing
  • Compiling of documentation to provide evidence to support a claim of compliance
  • Advice on statutory obligations, keeping compliance documentation up to date after product design changes and other requirements for maintaining valid CE Marks

Project Management on Large Projects

For larger scale infrastructure projects such as: rail installations; oil production and processing facilities; or fabrication plants, Technology International is able to provide EMC Directive compliance Management Services to ensure the final conformity with EMCD requirements.  As projects grow there is often an increasing reliance on project management services to ensure all equipment and goods meet the relevant EMCD obligations.

We have provided specialist management services to a wide range of organisations and companies in a variety of commercial sectors; with each project the company’s experience and expertise has grown to the point where no project is beyond our capabilities, no matter the size or scope.

Technology International EMCD Notified Body services

Technology International have been either a Competent or Notified Body since 1991 meaning we are perfectly placed to support manufacturers claims of conformity to the EMC Directive by undertaking an EU-Type Examination of their EMC Technical Documentation. If we find it to contain sufficient evidence of conformity we will issue an EU-Type Examination Certificate.