Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

Low Voltage Directive (LVD) – 2014/35/EU

First coming into force in 1972 the Low Voltage Directive or, as its more commonly known as, LVD has seen many revisions with the most recent coming in April 2016. The LVD was added to the CE Marking Directives in 1995. Applying to all electrical equipment operating with a supply voltage of between 50v and 1000v AC or 75v and 1500v DC, the LVD ensures that all electrical equipment it covers does not pose a risk to human or animal health and safety. Whether it be for domestic, commercial or industrial use, all electrical equipment placed on the market or brought into service within the EU must comply with the Low Voltage Directive.

How Technology International can help

At Technology International, we understand that compliance with the Low Voltage Directive – as with any Directive – is time-consuming and can be financially draining. We can advise your business on applicable electrical safety standards, appropriate routes to demonstrating conformity and expected performance requirements.

Technology International can perform industry leading testing against European electrical safety standards, at either our purpose-built facility or in-situ at your company location. We have been assisting our clients compile technical documentation (Technical Files) for over 20 years, and we can ensure that you have the required evidence of conformity with the LVD for the relevant authorities.

Having been a Government appointed Notified Body for the LVD from 1998 through to 2016 – where Bodies ceased to be appointed after 2014/35/EU came into affect – Technology International is ideally placed to assist your company and products through the complexities of the Low Voltage Directive and its relating Machinery and RED Directives.

Technology International’s team of highly qualified engineers have over twenty years experience providing clients with efficient, cost-effective solutions that minimise the cost and resources of complying with both the LVD and the associated Standards. We undertake a wide range of tasks on behalf of clients including:

  • Safety Compliance Reviews – Assessments of product designs, selection of applicable standards and development of cost-effective compliance strategies
  • Inspections, Risk Assessments & Testing – On-site or lab based inspection and testing of manufacturers’ products to ensure compliance with the applicable standards
  • Documentation Preparation – Compiling of test and risk assessment reports, technical files and other documentation required to demonstrate product conformity to the Low Voltage Directive
  • General Technical Consultancy – Providing advice to clients on methods to eliminate or reduce safety hazards, statutory obligations and other compliance issues

Technology International can provide a solution that meets their needs and budget. For more information please contact us.