Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

Radio Equipment Directive (RED) – 2014/53/EC

Brought into force in June 2017 the Radio Equipment Directive, or RED for short, replaced the Radio & Terminal Telecommunications Equipment Directive 99/5/EC, commonly known as the R&TTE Directive*. Radio Equipment Directive now covers all devices that transmit and receive radio signals including WiFi and Bluetooth devices; cellular devices, radio communicators and equipment with wireless communication functionality are all covered by RED.

RED looks to cover three distinct areas of manufactured radio equipment: Electrical Safety; Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC); and Radio Performance. As a result, RED calls-up parts of both the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU and the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU meaning that all equipment within this Directive must also conform with these additional European Directives**.

How Technology International can help

With an increasingly large number of products and systems being placed on the market that use remote or wireless communication technology, the number of manufacturers who need to ensure that their designs comply with the Radio Equipment Directive is vast. This is especially true for manufacturers who do not specialise in dedicated ‘radio communications’ products, but who use components such as wireless modems in their systems and need to be aware of RED requirements.

With over 20 years experience, Technology International Group are best placed to help you and your company understand the requirements and obligations of RED, with services including:

  • Advise on statutory obligations, licensing requirements where applicable and processes maintaining conformity
  • Field and laboratory based product testing to applicable European Standard
  • Compiling of technical documentation to demonstrate conformity to Radio Equipment Directive
  • Advise on statutory obligations, licensing requirements where applicable and processes maintaining conformity

Whatever a client’s individual requirements Technology International can tailor support solutions to meet their specific needs and budget.

Technology International RED Notified Body services

In certain circumstances, a manufacturer’s product may need to be assessed by a qualified 3rd party, a Notified Body, in order to confirm that it meets the requirements of the RED. As a Notified Body for the RED, Technology International can advise its clients on when such an assessment may be necessary, the most appropriate form of assessment available and the processes that must be followed.

As a Notified Body Technology International can also conduct one form of assessment, known as an EU-Type Examination, for certain categories of Radio Equipment. The Type Examination procedure we offer is simple, cost effective and efficient. A successful examination allows a manufacturer to make a valid claim conformity to the Radio Equipment Directive with confidence and can provide reassurance to customers and end-users.




*Products already in use and certified to the R&TTE Directive but no longer sold in the EU do not need recertification. But, products previously certified under the R&TTE that are still placed on the market (sold) in the EU needed to be re-certified against the RED by June 2017.

**Even devices operating at below 50v AC or 75v DC that would normally be excluded from the scope of the LVD undergo an electrical safety inspection.