SEMI Safety Evaluations

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) – Safety Evaluations

SEMI is the common name for the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International and since 1970 has represented the collective interests of the semiconductor industry worldwide, acting as its advocate in areas of public policy, environment, health and safety, workforce development and investor relations.

SEMI is a global industry association of companies that provide equipment, materials and services for the manufacture of semiconductors, photovoltaic panels, LED and flat panel displays, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), printed and flexible electronics, and related micro and nano-technologies.*

SEMI International Standards Program – S-Guidelines

SEMI Standards is one of the key services offered by SEMI and has been developed to ensure consistency across the global Semiconductor, PV and other associated industries, even in territories without well-established local regulatory requirements.

Amongst the standards developed and promoted by SEMI are those governing Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S). Within these standards are the SEMI Safety Guidelines or S-Guidelines which provide standards for, and including: Electrical and Mechanical Safety; Fire Prevention; Ergonomics for tools; and other systems used in the manufacture of semiconductors, photovoltaic panels and products.

SEMI S-Guidelines include:

  • S8 – Safety Guideline for Ergonomics Engineering of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • S14 – Safety Guidelines for Fire Risk Assessment and Mitigation for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • S22 – Safety Guideline for the Electrical Design of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

The purpose of the S-Guidelines is to ensure that manufacturing equipment used in the Semiconductor Industry and other associated industries is both safe and compatible. This is especially important where hazardous chemicals are used in manufacturing processes.

Although voluntary, application of the S-Guidelines are seen by many companies within the Semiconductor industry as crucial to the buying process and will only purchase manufacturing equipment that complies with the applicable Guidelines.

Technology International SEMI S7 Inspection Body services

For equipment to comply with S-Guideline regulations it has to be evaluated by an independent inspection body; Inspection Bodies must meet the requirements of S-Guideline S7 – Safety Guideline for Evaluating Personnel and Evaluating Company Qualifications.

With over 15 years experience of meeting the requirements of SEMI S7, Technology International is perfectly placed to provide your company with evaluations of equipment against S-Guidelines. The benefits of working with Technology International are 3-fold.

We can conduct all evaluations on-site at our customers facilities, this minimises the costs associated with moving large, often-heavy, machinery; our process is quick and we are committed to working within your budget ensuring you get a cost-effective solution; at Technology International we will work to minimise the need for multiple, ongoing re-evaluations meaning you are able to trade you product quickly, maximising your profits whilst reducing your costs.

Technology International can also provide technical advice on and complete evaluations against the following EMC standards published by SEMI

  • E33 – Guide for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • E78 – Guide to Assess and Control Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Electrostatic Attraction (ESA) for Equipment
  • F47 – Specification for Semiconductor Processing Equipment Voltage Sag Immunity

Whatever a client’s individual requirements Technology International can tailor support solutions to meet their specific needs and budget.

*See for more background on SEMI