Compliance Documentation Support

Technical documentation relating to, or illustrating evidence of, compliance with specific regulations and Directives is required by most regulatory bodies and systems. Ranging from production of test reports – of varying complexity – to compilation of detailed sets of compliance documentation, Technology International have the experience and expertise to assist your company through this complex branch of regulatory compliance.

Officially called simply Technical Documentation, but more often referred to as a Technical File or TF, these important documents can vary depending on the relevant Directive. Technical File’s showing evaluation and test reports, component records, quality management information and constructional and design data are both time consuming to prepare and complex to construct from industry to industry;* it may also be necessary for TF’s to contain technical justifications to support a claim of conformity to a Directive alongside actual results.

How can we help you?

At Technology International we can support the party or parties responsible for preparing Compliance Documentation to ensure that it is prepared accurately, efficiently and meets the requirements of the applicable regulations. We work with Manufacturers, Project Managers, Imports and End-Users to ensure that the correct documentation is prepared and if necessary delivered to the regulatory authorities.

For larger projects, Technology International have a wealth of experience in the preparation of Compliance Management Plans and delivering full Safety Case or Assurance submissions prior to final commissioning.


*Industry specific regulatory systems, such as those applied by the rail industry in the UK or by the Offshore Oil and Gas sector, can also require the preparation of complex sets of documentation, from Compliance Management Plans to Final Compliance Assurance Submissions and Safety Cases.