Control System Safety Assessments

As industrial production systems increase in both complexity and automation, the control systems behind them also grow more elaborate. This evolution has created the need for more complex Standards to safeguard the continued operational safety of these systems; standard EN ISO 13849 (Parts 1: Safety of machinery and Part 2: Safety-related parts of control systems) is the latest product of these developments.

EN ISO 13849 is applied in Europe specifically but also increasingly worldwide.  It is there to ensure that all safety related parts of a machine control system function reliably and as intended.

However, because of the nature of the systems themselves – and the fact that the manufacturers of the machines they form a part of are usually responsible for their final programming and integration – the majority of specialist control system manufacturers do not certify their products against EN ISO 13849. It therefore falls to the final manufacturer or integrator to ensure that a control system, whether for a single machine or, a more complex, Integrated Manufacturing System (IMS), meets this European and, often, global standard

Unfortunately, achieving and proving compliance with EN ISO 13849 can be a complex, labour intensive process that requires specialist knowledge of both the standard and specific analytical software.  It is something that many machine manufacturers, large and small, are not equipped to handle.

How can we help you?

Whether it’s a single machine, a range of different devices or a large and complex Integrated Manufacturing System, Technology International can undertake full assessments of a control system against the requirements of EN ISO 13849.  With our extensive experience of working with the standard, we can complete these assessments in an efficient and timely fashion, allowing manufacturers to deliver compliant machines within their contractual deadlines and without having to utilise valuable internal resources.

Assessment stages can include:

  • Risk Assessment of the Safety-Related Parts of the Control System (SRPCS) to determine the SRPCS architecture and the required performance levels (PL)
  • Mapping of the SRPCS and development of associated block diagrams
  • Analysis of the design / hardware in the SRPCS using specialist software to determine the achieved PL
  • Safety-related hardware testing
  • Generation of software specification document and software test plan / test report.
  • Safety-related software testing

Our Consultants work in close conjunction with clients’ control system and software designers to ensure that the assessment process runs smoothly and to ensure positive outcomes.

Experience has allowed us to streamline the Assessment process, minimising the time required to complete it and the costs associated with doing so.