Project Management

With increasingly complex electronic and electrical systems being used in many medium and large-scale infrastructure projects, the need for proactive management and control of the Safety and EMC aspects on such projects has grown in recent years. Technology International has provided specialist management services to a wide range of organisations and companies in a variety of commercial sectors. With each project the company’s experience and expertise has grown to the point where no project is beyond our capabilities, no matter the size or scope.

EMC project management services

The management and supervision of EMC is an important element of large infrastructure projects, particularly since the change in European regulations (from July 2007) to include Fixed Installations such as public buildings, power plants, telecom networks and assembly lines. Technology International has been providing specialist EMC management services to large-scale or long term infrastructure projects for clients worldwide for over twenty years. Our services include:

  • Preparation of EMC compliance documentation
  • Preparation of EMC Management Strategies
  • EMC & EMF Surveys and Evaluations
  • Earthing and Bonding Studies
  • On-site EMC testing
  • System Certification
  • EMC Modelling
  • Training

Technology International’s team of experienced engineers can provide support tailored to the requirements of a specific project. From full time on-site EMC management to remote technical expertise, whatever a project’s specific requirements may be Technology International can provide a solution to meet them. Examples of projects include:

  • The Channel Tunnel – UK/France – Rail / Construction
  • TWICE Project – Sweden – Power Generation
  • LUL Connect Project – UK – Communications
  • Westfield London – UK – Rail / Construction
  • Powerlink Project – UK – Power Distribution

Safety Project Management Services

Increasingly large-scale projects need to meet stringent safety regulations. With extensive knowledge and experience of European Safety Requirements, Technology International’s highly qualified engineers can provide Safety Project Management services to any stage of a project’s lifespan, from design review to implementation to final commissioning. Working closely with its clients, Technology International has helped ensure that a number of large-scale projects meet statutory and contractual safety requirements placed upon them; conducting risk assessments, preparing safety compliance documentation, identifying areas of non-compliance and providing solutions and mitigation to safety issues as they arise.

Our Safety Project Management covers a wide scope of services that include:

  • Design Reviews & Safety Risk Assessments
  • Representative Equipment Assessment & Review
  • Preparation of Safety Technical Documentation
  • General Guidance on Regulatory Compliance
  • Safety Engineering
  • Training

Examples of Clients that have benefited from Technology International’s Safety Project Management expertise include:

  • Stewart Systems – US/Poland – Bakery Lines
  • IKO Senica – US/Canada/Slovakia – Roof Shingle Production Line
  • Wagner Spray Systems – US
  • Aircraft Ground Support Equipment – US/Italy

The company continues to be involved in further projects around the world.