Technical Support Services

Technology International offers its clients on-going, ‘on-call’ technical support across all Directives and regulations. Using all our technical expertise, we can provide on-going involvement in your projects so that you can be confident that your products remain compliant with applicable regulations regardless of the ever-changing landscape of U.K. and European Directives.

Tailored to your needs

Our Technical Support services are specifically crafted for each of our clients. We understand that each industry, business and company has varying needs, requirements and wanted outcomes from our on-going assistance and involvement in their product compliance.

This applies across the board, with some clients needing our support purely to act as a sounding board for technical questions about current and future projects; however, we have the capabilities to undertake full product evaluations under the terms of their Support Agreements. This means Technology International can provide high volume producers with the necessary constant, efficient regulatory compliance management that those who constantly develop multiple products for sale worldwide need 365 days a year.

Support Agreements that avoid delays

Operating an internal regulatory compliance regime and maintaining the necessary technical expertise to do so can be time consuming, costly and is often outside a company’s core competency and focus. Technology International’s Support Agreements gives you open access to all our knowledge and expertise at pre-set costs*, minimising delays caused by the need to prepare quotations or raise individual purchase orders.

With regular changes to Standards & periodic updates to Directives and other top-level Regulations, it helps to have a go-to resource available to ensure that products remain compliant and our Support Agreements are determined based on the unique type and level of support required.

Technical support contracts

At present Technology International provides on-going Technical Support Services to the following clients:

  • Freescale Semiconductor – Semiconductors
  • Abbott Laboratories – Health Care
  • Lockheed Martin / Northrup Grumman – F35 Project
  • Buhler Sortex – Sorting Machines for the Food Industry

Each contract is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the individual client.


*Prepayment can be accepted. Monthly or quarterly payments in arrears are also acceptable.