Testing & Evaluation Services

Performing the necessary tests and evaluations needed to get products approved for specific Directives and regulations is the final and crucial stage for manufactures looking to get products to market. Technology International offers a range of services to facilitate this process as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

At Technology International we are able to provide two forms of testing and evaluation services; on-site and laboratory based, both of which can be undertaken against all of the Directives or regulations we provide support for.

On-site Testing and Evaluation

Technology International provides on-site services that include testing and evaluating a product or system either at the customer’s facilities or a third-party location. Benefits of this include:

  • Logistical simplicity – No need to ship a product and staff to a test house. Test engineer and their equipment comes to the customer.  This is especially good for large or sensitive and fragile products.
  • Lower costs – On-site test costs are typically lower than those for laboratory testing.
  • Ease of troubleshooting – If problems or failures are identified during testing it is often quicker and easier to resolve them at the customer’s facilities than at a remote location.
  • Scheduling Flexibility – With no need to ship a product to and from a test house it is possible to complete testing immediately before shipping or post-delivery to the customer.

Technology International maintains equipment to undertake on-site testing for EMC, Electrical & Mechanical Safety (including SEMI) and ATEX in all three countries where the company has offices. Test equipment can also be shipped to other territories as required, to facilitate on-site testing worldwide.

Laboratory Testing

Where applicable, Laboratory Testing can be beneficial for companies and manufactures when a controlled environment is required or it is not practical to bring test equipment to site. EMC testing, for example, is often undertaken in test laboratories to ensure accurate results from a controlled electromagnetic environment.

Testing for other Directives and regulations will also need Laboratory Testing facilities when safety tests can only be completed using specialist equipment that is too big and bulky to be operated outside of a test house.

Although Technology International is not a test laboratory and does not operate fixed test facilities, we can provide the required guidance and evaluation at third party labs at your convenience, cutting your costs and improving business efficiency.  We work closely with a number of carefully selected, independent test laboratories worldwide to ensure efficiency and consistency of service to customers who require laboratory based testing.

Post-Installation Testing

There is an increasing need for manufacturers of complex systems to have post-installation testing and evaluations completed to ensure that their product still complies with applicable regulations once its integrated with other systems and services. As such on-site testing and evaluations can be completed on any scale, from single sub-systems to entire production lines, buildings or industrial installations.