EMC & EMF Site Surveys & Evaluations

With an increased need for property developments to comply with the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Directives, Technology International are on hand to provide the support and guidance required to comply with these regulations.

We offer EMC and EMF surveys for office or retail developments which satisfy regulatory compliance under these Directives including: ensuring that IT systems will function as intended once installed; verifying that communications systems used by the emergency services will function properly inside the completed development; and, assessing the potential impact of electromagnetic interference (EMI) from pre-existing assets such as electricity sub-stations on the completed development.

Even for cases of residential developments, those on a large scale will require similar EMC surveys to ensure that wireless communications such as wi-fi, Bluetooth and cellular communications will operate properly within a completed residential development.

How can we help you?

At Technology International we have the extensive experience of completing EMC and EMF Surveys and Evaluations on a wide variety of developments, from scientific research facilities to commercial office developments.

Offering cost-effective, flexible and fast surveys, we are able to provide an overall assessment the electromagnetic environment in addition to offering detailed Evaluations with comprehensive analysis of any potential electromagnetic interference issues and suggestions of possible actions to mitigate future issues. Technology International’s surveys and Evaluations can both be tailored to either focus on specific aspects of a development or existing assets, and completed before construction begins or upon completion.

With the experience and expertise of providing a host of surveys and Evaluations for our current clients, we are the perfect partners for all your EMC and EMC regulatory compliance needs.